The consulting and marketing industry is quite exciting. There are always activities to attend and new practises to learn. As a matter of fact, there was an Atlas Promotions presence at the recent 2018 collaboration meeting. Two consultants from the company network were there as well: Megan and Younis. They enjoyed their time at the Belfry Hotel, as they went over the ins and outs of what will be happening this year.

These professionals identified their key takeaways from the meeting, and are applying them to their goals. Doing so will help in the following ways:

• Direction: Goal setting is the core strategy for putting new insight into action. Short-term and long-term milestones ensure efficiency by offering direction. They form a clear path to success. Goals also help people assess their responsibilities and prioritise the highest-impact tasks.

• Motivation: Putting milestones in place puts energy and attention into focus. Each short-term expectation achieved builds momentum and inspires them to reach higher. Such motivation is a key source of Atlas Promotions’ success.

• Measurement: Goal setting is also a means of assessing progress. At any point in their journeys, consultants can look back to see how far they’ve come. They can also determine what else they must do and adjust as needed.

If the collaboration meeting was any indication, there are some great things to come in 2018! Check out the Atlas Promotions Newswire, where you will find more details about our industry events.