Bringing Brand Recognition to New Levels

Atlas Promotions specialises in reaching people.

We educate our team in how to reach people to increase brand awareness. We generate new business for clients with a fast-paced and enthusiastic mind-set. We concentrate our resources in areas where we can achieve maximum growth within business environments, residential areas, and at a wide variety of events.

Our brand ambassadors quickly raise public awareness for the companies we represent. We interact directly with audiences to introduce organisations that create a positive impact.

Whether you work with a small nonprofit, a business start-up, or a multinational enterprise, our objective is to provide increased brand recognition and generate new business.

About Us

The Community at Atlas Promotions

Atlas Promotions is a community. We’re driven and passionate. We know how to have fun while we work. We engage in friendly competition and together we celebrate one another’s accomplishments.

Our office culture is centered on learning, support, and growth.

When new brand ambassadors join us, they gain access to the industry’s brightest minds. We help them progress along the path to professional achievement. Join us to learn new skills and become a confident marketing professional!


We establish personal connections that put brands directly in front of interested customers.