Within Atlas Promotions are plenty of opportunities for independent contractors to progress their businesses. Recently Blair and Alec took advantage of the chance to travel to London, England and attend the Future Partners Academy meeting which is held every six weeks. Here are some of the benefits they enjoyed:

” Opportunities for Professional Growth: At this meeting, Alec and Blair enjoyed coaching from some of the seasoned industry leaders. “One of the things that makes Atlas Promotions a great community is that we have access to such smart talent,” said Blair. “These people have such wisdom to share.”

” Opportunities for Networking: Perhaps one of the best features within Atlas Promotions is the chance to meet others who share our ambitions. “The Future Partners Academy was a great chance to connect with people who are also on a self-paced professional journey,” explained Alec. “These are potent contacts to make.”

” Opportunities to Unwind: Both Blair and Alec noted that the Future Partners Academy meeting wasn’t without fun events they enjoyed. “We went bowling,” said Blair. Alec continued, “Hard work should always be matched with fun. We certainly learned and studied a lot, but we also made time for relaxation. It was a delightful experience overall.”

Taking advantage of opportunities to learn and grow is what drives our professional futures. Check out our Newswire for more updates on the next learning events.