Giving and learning are key parts of the Atlas Promotions ethos. Business consultants within our community often choose to discuss these concepts together and consider various types of philanthropy. Here are some fundamental best practises that have been on our minds:

• Direct Contribution: This option is perhaps the most commonly used – and the easiest. People select the causes they want to support. Then they send funds online, or present checks or cash. Gifts from Atlas Promotions often take these forms. Givers may also choose to offer appreciated stock to select nonprofits’ brokerage accounts.

• Donor-Advised Funds: These may consist of appreciated property, but are usually private funds. In any case, they are donated with the help of third parties. There are likely to be fees for the services, as well as minimum contribution rules. The donations can be dispersed to multiple charities, for specific uses, and it can be done anonymously.

• Charitable Trusts: There are two types of charitable trusts. Those who set up charitable remainder trusts receive payments for certain periods of time. At the ends of the trusts’ lifetimes, the remaining funds are forwarded to nonprofits. Those who set up charitable lead trusts give annual payments. When the trusts’ lifetimes conclude, the donations are sent to the appropriate causes.

Remember these options as you pursue your philanthropic goals, and follow Atlas Promotions on Newswire for more insights into charitable giving.