The close of the year is swiftly upon us. It’s an excellent time for entrepreneurs within the community at Atlas Promotions to reflect on their many achievements, as well as their goals for the upcoming year. To get the ball rolling on our year-end events, we’re all looking forward to attending the Momentum conference on 8 December.

This is no ordinary event. The first part will consist of networking with other leaders and forging new connections. There will be educational sessions that will supplement the learning resources available through Atlas Promotions. The independent contractors who attend will get a first-hand look at some new techniques to make their customer acquisition approaches even more effective. All of these elements tie in nicely with our preparation for 2019 and the ambitious goals each person has set for him or herself.
What makes this conference different though is the evening’s party. This is where we get to celebrate together and recap our victories from the year. Everyone will don their formal attire, a delicious dinner will be served, and to cap off the evening, there will be an awards ceremony. This is when entrepreneurs’ individual accomplishments will be highlighted. Along with prizes and plenty of laughs, this night promises to be a memorable and fun time for these contractors.
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