Helping consultants work together can be a very valuable activity to a company. It can also be a complete flop. For the people at Atlas Promotions, team building is both fun and useful. We work together every day as a group, so formal activities outside office hours are a chance to interact with others in the company in different settings. This often happens when everyone gets to go to a concert, sporting event, or potluck together.

The goal at these events is to spend time talking to the other people you see on a daily basis. You want to get to know them as individuals outside their roles within the company. Rather than forced exchanges such as ropes courses that try to pull different traits out of people, try volunteering together to work on a local project such as building a house or working in a soup kitchen. Not only will you get the same benefits of letting other’s natural abilities shine through, everyone in the company will feel like they did something meaningful.

At Atlas Promotions, we talk to everyone on our team to find out what sorts of activities interest them. If there’s a singer coming to town, a big sporting event, or a chance to have a unique experience, it can be fun to take the whole group along. For more ideas on team-building methods and activities from Atlas Promotions, visit our blog at