India is thousands of miles from Atlas Promotions’ office in Edinburgh, Scotland. However, several of the independent contractors who work within this network recently travelled to this Asian country to learn more about how people in that part of the world are prospering in the consulting and marketing industry. Here’s why this trip was so valuable for those in the community:

• Understanding the Global Implications of the Industry: As an outreach approach, customer acquisition is used worldwide. That said, each country and culture approaches it differently. It was interesting for business contractors from the Atlas Promotions community to learn about the different ways in which their peers in India create impact for the companies they represent. They also left with a fuller understanding of the industry as a whole.

• Networking: Of course, no business travel would be complete without building connections with those we meet. Those who attended will be able to stay in touch with new people through email and social media, and continue to learn from these international contacts.

• Trip of a Lifetime: For many of the entrepreneurs who work with Atlas Promotions, this was more than a simple business trip. India is out of reach for many people as it is a long and somewhat costly journey from Scotland. That’s why attendees took time to enjoy some of the sites and fully experience this country’s unique culture, which broadened consultants’ global knowledge of this industry.

Trips like this can be a lot of fun, while being educational as well. Like Atlas Promotions on Facebook to see more of this India adventure and others to come.