It’s truly an exciting moment when one of the entrepreneurs within the community at Atlas Promotions has an opportunity to spread his or her wings and launch a new venture. Blair is the most recent contractor to enter into assistant ownership and open a new location in Middleborough. Everyone here couldn’t be happier for him.

There are many qualities that Blair possesses which have allowed him to progress his goals steadily. Drive and hard work are two of them. His natural leadership skills are evident in all that he does and will be an asset as he faces new challenges and successes. He also has the following attributes that are a must for anyone who plans to excel as an entrepreneur:

• Growth-Oriented Mind-Set: The world’s highest achievers have reached their pinnacles because they continue to learn new things. Blair took full advantage of the knowledge transfer available through Atlas Promotions. He was open to feedback from coaches who have been there, done that, and know all the ins and outs of launching a thriving venture.

• Networking Skills: It’s vital that new business owners connect with others – industry leaders and peers alike – so that they have a strong professional network upon which to draw as they move forward.

• Tenacity: Patience and determination are musts as a new venture is launched.

We congratulate Blair on opening a new location and we know that he will prosper as he continues to apply the skills he has acquired here. Check our Atlas Promotions Newswire for updates on Blair’s progress as well as to see which other entrepreneurs are taking the customer acquisitions industry by storm.