There’s considerable excitement at Atlas Promotions. Leadership happily shares some updates on goals and future plans:

What goals did the organisation achieve last month?

“Both Megan W. and Azeem Y. will be traveling to Australia after achieving their goals. Darren W. has progressed into leadership, where he’ll coach eight business consultants to grow based on their strengths. Three others were recognised as leaders,” Atlas Promotions Leadership stated. “Graham was also able to coach an individual to attain the next step on their professional path.”

How has Atlas Promotions helped the community of late?

“We helped raise a projected amount of £300,000 for good causes just in the month of February alone.”

“This makes us very proud indeed. We’re partnering with some distinguished and recognized charities,” says the Atlas Promotions Management Team.

What’s in store for the upcoming months?

“In March, nine of us will travel to Bristol to take part in a U.K. tour. We’re going to be visiting some of the top-performing people in the industry, including James Buckley who has offices in the U.K. and Spain,” Leadership said. “We have an event booked at the end of the month called the Premier Club.

“Our top and new talent will spend a weekend at a hotel learning from special guest speakers and networking.”

Investing in our people is really important for us as a business. Our goal is to continue the growth of the company.”

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