The consultants within the network at Atlas Promotions are on paths to open customer acquisition offices of their own, if they have the desire and meet certain conditions. One person has shown both the determination and talent to do this, and we would like to commend Ester on her progress to rise to the next level of entrepreneurship.

Ester is 21, Italian, and driven, with a growth mind-set and strong leadership skills. She has been a business owner for about a year. With her work ethic, it’s certain that she’s destined for great things.

Contractors progress along their professional journeys with greater ease when they have the right support. Here, they take advantage of the learning resources that are made available to campaign leaders through Atlas Promotions. Educational materials, coaching, and even workshops and seminars are all options that entrepreneurs can access.

By fostering a workspace that encourages growth, both personally and professionally, our firm attracts the most talented professionals to this network. When Ester opens her own office one day soon, we’re certain that she’ll strive to provide the same supportive and empowering environment.