Charitable giving isn’t limited to foundations with large cheque books or to wealthy individuals. In the Atlas Promotions community, it’s quite common for business contractors to support local causes for which they are passionate. As we’ve discovered, giving back to others can benefit us professionally and personally. Let’s explore the many ways it pays to be selfless with our time and talent.

For many companies, philanthropy is a recruitment draw. Today’s workforce is socially responsible. Millennials in particular look for firms that share their passions for a better world. The idea that they might be able to work in an environment in which they can give back is often very appealing.

Charitable giving also merits recognition. Organisations are inclined to publicise the names of people and firms that contribute to their missions. Support can range from volunteering to sponsoring events. When a firm is noted as being generous, it’s akin to free publicity. This is especially true when a company aligns their giving with their own mission. For example, a firm that sells pet products could donate goods or sales proceeds to animal shelters.

Within the Atlas Promotions environment, we support causes. We encourage entrepreneurs to do the same as it can only help them grow in business.

Giving of ourselves is fulfiling in so many ways. Like us on Facebook to see the types of charitable organisations this network of independent contractors supports through Atlas Promotions.