Growth and expansion continues for Atlas Promotions as we sharpen our reputation as an innovative outreach company. We’re opening a new office in Aberdeen, entering another thriving market here in Scotland. There’s a buzz throughout the network of contractors who work in our shared space.

Our supportive community is a big reason for our firm’s ongoing success. Business contractors enjoy many learning options as they work toward personal goals. While everyone is responsible for his or her own success, there’s a kind of morale that inspires excellent performance.

As members of this network master business skills, they get closer to the ultimate goal of running their own limited companies. A member of Atlas Promotions’ management team stated, “We’re happy to watch driven people reach their goals. There’s a heathy emphasis on learning within this space that encourages commitment. The benefits of this extend from the people in the community to the companies being served. It’s a powerful thing to witness.”

Those who are part of this network also get the chance to gain hands-on insights in a variety of key business roles. This pays off as consultants move from one stage of their journeys to the next. It also means contractors take ownership of reaching their potential.

It’s an exciting time around the Atlas Promotions office. Learn more about our growth by following us on Twitter.