The new year has arrived and the Atlas Promotions theme for 2019 is growth! There’s a big expansion on the horizon as we bring our operations to Newcastle. We look forward to connecting with more motivated entrepreneurs who are on the cusp of progressing their own businesses.

This great news is only the start for Atlas Promotions and the independent contractors that are part of the affiliated community. It’s not luck, though. All that these individuals achieve and that we accomplish as a firm is part of this network’s strategy to create a learning environment in which people can thrive. Here are a few resources available to affiliated business owners:

• Mentors: For those new to the industry, there’s always a more experienced coach who can provide powerful insights. These coaches become valuable sources of wisdom and support for someone who is just starting out.

• Imparting Ownership Mentality: Contractors who take advantage of this learning environment not only acquire skills needed to create potent outreach campaigns, but also begin to think like true entrepreneurs.

• Networking Skills: Perhaps the most important skill for someone who wants to run their own enterprise is to learn how to network. Business owners need solid connections across many industries if they truly want to excel.

With the resources available here, combined with the energy and motivation of the entrepreneurs in this community, there’s much growth on the horizon. Like Atlas Promotions on Facebook to be updated on our next move.