The Atlas Promotions environment is designed so that independent consultants can grow professionally. The lesson we strive to share is the difference between learning and growing in our roles. Let’s look at what each concept means.

During our younger school years, we were taught many subjects with an emphasis on absorbing knowledge. The purpose was strictly for us to learn the basics and become well-rounded people. Not everything we learnt in school would be something we would find useful later in life.

Our university years were when the shift began and we were encouraged to learn so that we could grow professionally. This is more akin to the experience found within the Atlas Promotions community. Our network of consultants works together to learn basic business and leadership skills. They have the opportunity to then apply this knowledge as they work with partners to acquire customers and help them achieve their business objectives.

That’s how we define the idea of learning to grow.

With Atlas Promotions, individuals have the chance to work with coaches on outreach campaigns in which they learn how our model works and put it to practise. The ultimate goal is for these individuals to eventually set up a limited company of their own, with our support. Because we focus on continually applying knowledge to move forward, the growth potential is unlimited.

With support from each other as they learn, people within our community have bright futures. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Twitter