The Atlas Promotions Business Development Programme

Our professionals are people who have the energy and ambition to achieve growth.

Our business development programme gives each individual the opportunity to develop the skills needed to build teams, run marketing campaigns, and address the requirements of assigned business segments. Everyone receives full product education and daily one-on-one coaching that lets them progress to entrepreneurship at their own pace.

Being a brand ambassador is about becoming an expert in the field of direct marketing. It’s about becoming someone who knows how to target specific markets with the right messaging and people to get results. Here’s what it means to us:

Being a brand ambassador is somewhat of a subjective experience. Here’s what it means to us:

“Before starting with the company, my previous roles never gave me the opportunity to develop my self and my skills; but since joining Atlas Promotions the encouragement & support I have been given, allowed me the opportunity to progress at my pace.
Networking is a key part of my weekly plan since joining Atlas Promotion and this has encouraged me to develop my own skills by watching and learning from people who are at a different progression than me; or from people that are more advanced in the business.
This allows me the opportunity to ask questions, that I believe will personally help me in my advancement .
Alongside this development, I have been encouraged to use Audible which allows me to develop skills through reading. My focus is understanding the way speech affects how people respond to the way I engage with them.”

— Richard

“I come from a business background, and my first job experience started at 16 years old working in my dad’s convenience store. I then decided to pursue an academic career and went to college, graduating in accounting. Working 9-5 in an accountancy firm, soon made me realise it was something I didn’t enjoy, and thus handed in my resignation 2 years later to start back with my dad in his store. I joined the Atlas in November 2012 and a year later I progressed to Assistant Owner. Within 16 months I was running and managing my own location. The area I struggled with in the beginning was dealing with the various challenges you come across in the field and office. I got better at maintaining my attitude by spending time with those who demonstrated a great attitude and having personal goals that meant a lot to me. I learned that having a big enough ‘why’ is key to maintaining your attitude.”

— Azeem

Atlas Promotions’ Gold Star Development Programme

1 Brand Ambassador

Being an Atlas Promotions brand ambassador is a matter of learning and applying the basic concepts of customer service and sales.

2 Leader

Our leaders learn to adopt future-focused mind-sets. They plan strategically, and prepare to develop others.

3 Team Leader

Team leaders act as coaches, guiding and motivating everyone in the sales division.

4 Assistant Owner

Anyone who reaches the level of assistant owner participates in comprehensive learning. He or she discovers what it takes to operate a business, from recruiting to budgeting and beyond.

5 Owner

As the title implies, a company Owner runs his or her own marketing enterprise. It requires a high degree of skill and business acumen to determine where and how to secure profitability and growth.

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