Leadership, as we’ve found at Atlas Promotions, is more about common sense than intelligence. Being a good leader is about being emotionally savvy and responsive. In many ways, it’s about taking the time to get to know people and building strong relationships so when things get rough, you know what needs to happen to pull your team through.

While it seems simple, many managers don’t make the effort to talk with their team members. This results in low rapport and a lack of productivity. The simple act of talking to each person regularly and taking the time to get to know them one by one is important to Atlas Promotions executives, and we work hard to become familiar with our people. We want to know what sort of work they enjoy, what inspires them, and what their long-term goals are. With this information, we’re able to help them stay engaged and productive.

It’s also important to make sure communications are concise. The results are always better when executives take the time to clearly explain what they are looking for and give people an opportunity to ask questions and clarify. With practice, you will learn how to explain something quickly, but knowing what information you need to convey and what background is necessary takes some practice.

Solid people management is about being practical and taking the time to make sure communications are flowing both ways. The Atlas Promotions team focuses on strong communication and building a relationship with each representative to make sure our people are happy with their roles.