EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND – New leaders at Atlas Promotions recently participated in a meeting aimed at helping them develop their skills.

Atlas Promotions executives were recently treated to talks and meals at the leaders meeting, which was a chance for the company to provide insight and guidance for new and developing leaders. “The new leaders meeting is designed to give our newest representatives advice on what it takes for someone to succeed in our industry,” said Atlas Promotions Leadership.

“We cover all aspects of the business. These leaders meetings are one of the big cornerstones of our consultant coaching program. We hold them at nice hotels and invite in many different speakers. We also make sure there’s a hearty meal during the day as well.”

“The latest leaders meeting was attended by three of our newest leaders, Rheanne, Graham, and Hamzah, as well as several other new leaders from Glasgow and Newcastle,” he continued. “We had a particularly good panel of speakers at this meeting. We had myself and Nicci F., who is the country head from Head Office Scotland and Ali M. who is the Vice President of the Head Office. I particularly enjoyed listening to Ali speak. He has 18 years of experience in this business and has coached some of the best business owners in the industry. It was a wonderful chance for our new leaders to be able to hear him speak and ask him questions. His advice and insight into our industry are priceless.”

“These new leaders meetings are incredibly important to our business,” he continued, “Spending the time developing our new leaders is the future of our company. These individuals form the core of our organisation. We use this meeting to set expectations of what it takes to become one of the greats, to give advice so they can take advantage of everything offered, to give them a chance to network, and to make sure they understand all the business tools they have at their disposal.”

“There’s a lot of information covered in these meetings to help give our new leaders a real sense of direction.”

Travel Opportunities Are Plentiful With Atlas Promotions

While the new leaders remained at home in Edinburgh for the leaders meeting, there are still many travel opportunities for our representatives. Atlas Promotions representatives travel across the UK for regional training and occasionally have the chance to go internationally on exotic retreats. Not only is this a great way to reward hardworking representatives, it builds strong connections between the different members in the industry. Attending these industry events also offers our new and developing leaders opportunities to network, learn new skills, listen to industry thought leaders, and build confidence.

Travel is also how we incorporate some of the best training we offer. When you travel regularly to different events, you can have industry insiders from across the country serve as your mentors. This support can really accelerate your professional development. The leaders at Atlas Promotions want to make sure each new representative and leader we work with has the tools to succeed from the beginning and continues to get the updates and incentives they need moving forward. The industry is always changing and we want to make sure our people stay on top.

About Atlas Promotions

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