It’s always fun to highlight the top performers within the Atlas Promotions community. Today, it’s Ester, our events coordinator, who’s getting some time in the company spotlight. She has shown a consistent work ethic and drive during her time in the network. We’re excited to see what else she can achieve with further hard work, both in her current role and as a leader.

Like all the successful consultants in the Atlas Promotions network, Ester has made the most of the available developmental tools. She’s always taken full advantage of the coaching-rich atmosphere here, using what she learns to excel in her personal journey. With constant support and ongoing education, Ester is positioning herself to succeed with her own business venture.

Ester has also learned the value of clear goals during her time working in the community around Atlas Promotions. She’s become more adept at defining her vision for long-term success in whatever area of her journey she chooses. For every smaller milestone she achieves along her path to goal fulfilment, Ester gains more confidence in her unique skill set. In this way, she mirrors the type of growth that permeates our shared office space.

We’re excited to have driven people like Ester thriving in our network. Follow her progress and stay updated on all our consultants by liking Atlas Promotions on Facebook.