One of our favourite things to do is highlight someone within the Atlas Promotions community for his or her successes. We owe so much to the network of contractors who make our outreach campaigns realities. Our practise of acknowledging people regularly is motivated in part by the empowering quality of recognition. In this post, we are highlighting Santiago A.

Santiago is a model customer acquisition contractor. He is a young and enthusiastic individual who brings passion to his work every day. Santiago was chosen to do a pocket test in another territory. Being selected is an honour and speaks volumes to his character. He excelled during this test and showed everyone involved how capable he is.

Part of what sets Santiago up for success is his commitment to consistently improving himself. He takes advantage of coaching opportunities and stays motivated. Santiago takes pride in his image and always wants to present himself and Atlas Promotions in as positive a light as possible. He is truly dedicated to progressing his abilities and genuinely enjoys his work.

Attitude is a major factor in achieving any goal. People who have a great attitude about their work can do anything to which they set their minds. Santiago is one such person. He brings energy and passion to his work. When faced with a problem, he will keep working at it until he solves it.

We look forward to seeing what else Santiago will achieve. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Twitter