We at Atlas Promotions applaud people with the tenacity and perseverance to train for and run marathons. There is another type of run we find valuable, however – Tough Mudder. It’s a completely different kind of race. In fact, it’s not really a race at all. It’s a military-style obstacle course, with no finish time or prizes involved.


We’re fans of Tough Mudder because the challenge should be completed with a team, making it a great way to practice leadership and collaboration. The rewards include camaraderie, bonding, and overall support. With them in mind, our Atlas Promotions experts would like to highlight some specific lessons that can be gleaned from the Tough Mudder experience.


Empathy is huge. The course is quite daunting and certainly demanding, so thinking about teammates’ fears, strengths, and weaknesses is vital to the success of the group. An awareness of one’s own impact on the progress of the team is also an important factor to keep in mind because it can really motivate an individual to push harder.


At Atlas Promotions, we’ve also noticed that the Tough Mudder challenge really puts the value of celebration into perspective. Just as in the world of business, there are reasons to celebrate individual contributions and improvements, as well as the success of the group as a whole. Completing the course isn’t the primary victory – navigating challenges together is.


How do you build your team?