Relationships power the success anyone achieves in life, whether we’re talking about Richard Branson or Bill Gates or anyone else. We all need support, advice, information, and recommendations to progress, which is why networking is prioritized by just about everyone in business. At Atlas Promotions, we make every relationship-building effort worthwhile using these techniques:


  • Before: As we prepare for a networking function, we determine what we want to accomplish. Our goals may be to meet a certain number of people, for instance, or to seek an introduction to an especially influential person. Knowing what we want helps us direct our focus accordingly, and helps us determine what we can offer others.


  • During: No matter how nervous we are, we don’t rush things while networking. We navigate through the small talk, find common ground, and convey how we can offer value in the future. First impressions are the most important ones, so we always interact with warmth and kindness.


  • After: Our Atlas Promotions experts always commit to following up with the people we meet, and we never fail to do so. From connecting on social media, to forwarding helpful articles, to extending invitations for coffee and lunch, there are plenty of ways to stay connected.


Networking takes time and patience. By applying the right strategy, we at Atlas Promotions make our efforts worthwhile. Do you?