How do you keep your motivation going, even when you’re exhausted and frustrated? Darren at Atlas Promotions thinks about his family and the better lifestyle he aims to provide. He knows that he’s not going to succeed if he keeps doing the same thing over and over again, so he’s innovating and looking for new options. Part of his strategy is working with Atlas Promotions, which gives him the ability to fulfill his ambitions.

“I come from a background of factory work,” said Darren. “I worked in a factory for nearly 10 years, pushing buttons all day, watching the clock go round and round, and being bored to death.”

“Factory work for me was frustrating and certainly not motivational because there were no options for me to move my career forward, no way for me to take advantage of my ambition and get me where I dreamed of going with my life.”

“When I was younger, I was an avid sportsman, so much so that I came in eighth in the county playing squash. I also watched my parents struggle to provide for me and now that I have a family and two children of my own, I want to give them the most I can. I want them to see me succeed,” continued Darren.

“The ability to provide a comfortable life for not only myself but for my whole family is hugely motivating and really makes me determined to succeed. I love a challenge and working with Atlas Promotions means life is full of them.”

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