Many business leaders want to change the world for the better, but it can be difficult to decide where to focus giveback efforts. Our Atlas Promotions leaders have a few tips that will help you determine the right causes to support, and we hope you will put them to use for the greater good.


The first step we recommend is finding a personal connection to a particular organisation. Focus on finding a good match for your core values, because this will help you become more engaged in the process. As you do so, make sure to thoroughly investigate every cause so that you can be confident that your donations will make a real difference.


We also suggest looking at local foundations as much as possible, because this allows your team to see the benefits of their efforts. In general, the bigger the nonprofit, the less you actually see the effects of your contributions. We at Atlas Promotions also remind you that it’s much easier to volunteer in person for a cause closer to home, and hands-on work is always more rewarding.


You can also survey your team members to find out which causes ignite their passions. When your people feel more ownership in their philanthropic pursuits, they are more willing to give with their whole hearts.


These strategies have considerably aided our Atlas Promotions giveback efforts, and we hope they will be effective for you as well.