To get the job you really want, you need more than just a strong résumé. You need to apply specific strategies on the day of the interview to put yourself ahead of the other candidates. Here are a few tips from Atlas Promotions’ leaders to help you stand out from the crowd and impress during every job interview:


  • Be Nice to the Receptionist: Don’t overlook the importance of small talk as you wait for your interview to start. There’s a good chance that the boss will ask the receptionist for his or her opinion of every candidate, so be sure to make a positive impression on this uniquely positioned gatekeeper.


  • Show Enthusiasm: We at Atlas Promotions believe the best way to make your case to a potential employer is to display genuine enthusiasm for the position at hand. Give examples of how proactive you were in past jobs, and put a positive spin on everything you say.


  • Dress the Part: Take extra care to dress above the requirements for the position. You can probably tell what the company’s dress code is by browsing its website or Facebook page, but be sure to go a bit beyond the typical work garb.


  • Follow Up: Ask for a business card at the end of the interview, and write a genuine note of thanks that shows how grateful you are for the opportunity to meet.


Our Atlas Promotions leaders wish you luck in your job pursuit, and we hope you will apply these tips along the way.