EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND – Top leaders from Atlas Promotions detailed recently promoted representatives and explained how they grow their team through traveling. They also discussed team outings and a hiring push.


“We are proud of the growth culture we have created here at Atlas Promotions,” stated Atlas Promotions Leadership. “Our representatives pursue ambitious objectives with the full knowledge that their efforts will be recognised and rewarded.” Two of the company’s dedicated associates were recently promoted to higher levels of responsibility.


The management team explained, “Megan and Blair have each worked hard to reach targeted goals, and they are skilled in coaching others. We have full confidence in their abilities, and we know they will achieve consistent wins going forward.”


Megan was elevated to the role of assistant owner, in which she will be responsible for overseeing a team of 14 people and learning everything there is to know about running an office. Megan has performed as a ballet and tap dancer and has competed in both karate and cross country. They continued, “Megan brings a wealth of experience to her new role, and she is committed to learning on a daily basis. Her goal is to run the best marketing division in the U.K., and I believe that she is capable of taking Atlas Promotions to new heights of success.”


Blair was promoted to the team leader role, in which he will manage a small sales team doing about 50 sales per week. “Blair hit sales criteria and effectively guided his people to reach this level,” the management team added. “He has a vision for a successful future and is adept at coaching others. Blair played football and basketball growing up, and he brings a competitive edge while holding himself to high expectations.”


Atlas Promotions’ Leaders Discuss Travel Opportunities, Team Nights, and Hiring


The leaders at Atlas Promotions want to help every individual on their team gain the skills they need to flourish. Travel represents a good way to do this while expressing appreciation for everything their representatives do for the company. 


Gaelle recently ventured to Perth for a horse show that attracts an affluent audience of more than 40,000 people over four days. Atlas Promotions Leadership also travelled to London, where she networked with the VP in the industry for six weeks. She said, “This was a great opportunity for me to learn and help Atlas Promotions grow our campaigns.”


She went on to say that Megan has been invited to speak at a seminar in Bristol, England, and she is being flown down for the weekend by organisational head, James. “This is referred to as a coaching the coach event, and it will help Megan become even better as a leader,” she said. Megan is also taking part in an office road trip to Aberdeen, Scotland with three other executives.


A whole group of Atlas Promotions people recently returned from their annual rest and relaxation retreat in Malaga, Spain. Shannon, Megan, and Blair attended the event, which provided ideal opportunities for networking with other top leaders and gaining valuable industry insights.


The company also sponsors team nights to introduce fun into regular work weeks. The management team explained, “We typically hold these monthly events on Saturdays, and we tend to gather for nice dinners and casual nights out. Soon, we will also take our team to Go Ape, which will be a fun team-building getaway among the treetops.”


Along with building a stronger group of representatives through travel and team events, Atlas Promotions leaders are looking for bright new talent. Leadership stated, “We are seeking candidates with entrepreneurial mind-sets, and we have a variety of positions we want to fill. More information can be found on our website.”


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