Today, we shine our spotlight on Ester, who continually proves she has the skills, work ethic, and drive to succeed. It’s always exciting when a member of the community at Atlas Promotions makes a move toward becoming an independent entrepreneur.

People like Ester epitomise why Atlas Promotions’ environment is ideal for independent contractors to grow their business ventures. Not only are learning materials available for mastering the critical skills they need to thrive as owners, but high achievers can embrace many lessons given by other leaders in the community, such as the following:

• Good Decision Making: Great leaders know that to be decisive, they need to consider the facts. They don’t rely on emotions but on specific evidence. They’re not afraid to take calculated risks while making sure they are well-informed on their options.

• Clear Expectations: Accomplished people know what they want and they can articulate their visions to those around them. In addition, they can communicate with clarity what they expect of others and inspire them to contribute accordingly.

• Be a Role Model: Leading by example is what experts do. People are more likely to follow those who are unencumbered by titles and will roll up their sleeves to do the work needed to attain results, while sharing credit with others who have helped them excel.

It’s always great to see Atlas Promotions’ programme have a profound impact on the people within this network. Follow us on Twitter for more examples of how business dreams take flight here.