As an Assistant Owner of Atlas Promotions, Azeem Y. has been bursting with pride at what he and his fellow business consultants have been able to accomplish. Azeem shared with us what drives him, his leadership style, and what brought him to our firm as part of his professional journey.

For Azeem, his motivation to seek a new line of work was steeped in a need for growth.

“I wasn’t attaining any professional progression in my previous roles before I joined Atlas Promotions,”

Once he became part of our company, he discovered the opportunities and inspiration that put him on course to achieve his goals.

“Every day, I’m working on my skills to be the best in the business. From my earliest days at Atlas Promotions, I’ve steadily worked on improving my communication and problem-solving skills. This has aided my overall confidence. I’ve learned to push myself to attain my goals and what I desire.”

One of the ways in which Azeem defines success is how well he’s able to motivate the business consultants he coaches and leads to share the same drive and need to succeed that he possesses.

“I support them by networking daily and communicating my ideas and vision to them at social events. I want them to adopt a growth-oriented mind-set towards what they do and learn more to earn more.”

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