From bad weather to financial strain, there are all sorts of issues that can make you feel as though you’ve slid into a rut. It’s a common experience, and relatively harmless if you know how to break free from it. Over the years, we at Atlas Promotions have picked up quite a few tips. Keep them in mind the next time you find yourself in need of energy and motivation.

Begin with a thorough assessment of your habits, and commit to breaking the unhealthy ones. Of course, you’ll also need to strengthen your healthy, productive habits while you’re at it. If you find comfort in sweatpants and ice cream, for instance, you might need to push yourself back into the gym after a while. Exercise is a far more effective way to boost creativity, focus, confidence, and more. At Atlas Promotions, we embrace self-care routines that include plenty of rest, nutritious foods, and our favorite hobbies.

We also suggest that you take the idea of stepping away from what’s comfortable a step further. Not much progress occurs when you stick to the status quo, so get out there and challenge yourself. By exposing yourself to unfamiliar experiences – perhaps through volunteer work or classes at a community college – you’ll meet new people and acquire useful new skills.

Reevaluating your goals is another great way to motivate yourself out of a rut. Consider where you want to be in a few years, reflect on how far you’ve advanced, and identify what you have yet to do to achieve substantial success.

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