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We work as a team to build leaders with purpose.


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“I’ve now spent a whole year developing my skills and advancing at atlas promotions, I believe this has been the most productive and life changing year I’ve experienced so far! During the year I’ve developed so many skills, from sales, all the way to business planning.

The business has given me the opportunity of a life time, my priority and focus now is to continue up skilling and prepare for opening my own company! Also, throughout the time of my progression I’ve had an amazing opportunity to travel the world, I’ve visited Singapore, Malaysia and Ibiza so far! Spending time with hugely inspiring and motivating people!

I’m really excited for what the future holds within the organization and I’d recommend this opportunity to anyone!”

— Kyle

“I come from a business background, and my first job experience started at 16 years old working in my dad’s convenience store. I then decided to pursue an academic career and went to college, graduating in accounting. Working 9-5 in an accountancy firm, soon made me realise it was something I didn’t enjoy, and thus handed in my resignation 2 years later to start back with my dad in his store. I joined the Atlas in November 2012 and a year later I progressed to Assistant Owner. Within 16 months I was running and managing my own location. The area I struggled with in the beginning was dealing with the various challenges you come across in the field and office. I got better at maintaining my attitude by spending time with those who demonstrated a great attitude and having personal goals that meant a lot to me. I learned that having a big enough ‘why’ is key to maintaining your attitude.”

— Azeem