For a community of independent consultants like that within Atlas Promotions, it’s important to engage in activities that help bring people together and build stronger rapports. On December 21, 2017 our group gathered with other communities to celebrate the holidays with a festive Christmas party. It was a great opportunity for everyone to become better acquainted with others in the industry.

“I loved meeting people from other areas who are at similar levels on their professional journeys,” said one network member from Atlas Promotions. “It’s so beneficial to be able to share our experiences and learn from one another. Connections are so vital to success in this industry.”

Our party was about having fun together. “There was plenty of good food and drink to enjoy,” said another community member. “We laughed and really got into the holiday spirit. Everyone was jolly and we all left having built better relationships and even having gained some new friendships.”

To get to know one another better, we had a Secret Santa gift exchange. “This was a fun challenge,” said one person. “We had to draw a name and try to think of something that the other person might enjoy. We had to be quiet as we tried to learn more about our gift recipients. It was a great way to build better bonds.”

We strive to have community building activities like this throughout the year at Atlas Promotions. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Twitter