Growth and success go hand in hand, whether that success is personal or professional. Of course, growth is essential to business development as well. All these things are coming together for two contractors in the Atlas Promotions network. They are expanding the company into new divisions.

Azeem is one of these individuals. He is a standout professional, committed to pushing himself to new levels of achievement. Megan is the other contractor guiding an Atlas Promotions expansion. She is heading to Aberdeen, and quite excited to make such a meaningful business move. These are some of the resources that fuel their professional excellence:

• Coaching: As the contractors bond with each other, they often coach one another as well. Through shared knowledge, constructive feedback, and limitless support, they foster all-around growth.

• Challenging Work: Easy-to-complete tasks make people feel restless. It’s better for them to do assignments that challenge them. The work should be attainable yet difficult enough that it requires them to use their full potential. This way, engagement and drive remain high.

• Relationships: People rarely achieve ambitious goals on their own. They are most often surrounded by supportive friends and colleagues who help them progress. The contractors have formed exactly this type of culture among themselves.

Congrats to Azeem and Megan on their accomplishments. Follow Atlas Promotions on Facebook to learn more about the firm’s development within the field.