Just about all business executives know the value of open and respectful communication among their teams. They coach their people to participate in meetings, give concise presentations, and collaborate closely. Sadly, however, we at Atlas Promotions have notices that these executives rarely include active listening in their focus on interaction. Listening is a major aspect of our culture, and we know to never take advantage of it.

At Atlas Promotions, we’re on a mission to promote more and better listening skills in today’s workplaces. Being honest is one of the strategies we encourage. It’s simple and fairly obvious, but still worth mentioning because it holds so much weight. Your people will know if you aren’t being truthful with them, for instance, and it will discourage them in no time. It is far better to be honest, and to reward those who are honest as well.

Have you noticed that some workstyles are rather scientific? People gather data, test theories, measure results, etc. These efforts are crucial to success, but our Atlas Promotions team urges you to balance them by presenting no preconceived notions of your own. Instead of forming conclusions and then looking for evidence to support them, listen first and then make conclusions.

When you apply these tips, it won’t be long before you notice your people freely sharing their ideas, asking questions, and behaving with empathy.