Around the community of Atlas Promotions, there’s an excitement brewing as entrepreneurs pack for an upcoming R&R retreat in Rome, Italy, 22-23 November. This excursion promises to be memorable for those lucky enough to attend. There are plenty of events lined up that we can’t wait to experience. For instance, we’ll be able to:

• Network: Whenever we venture from our settings, we get to meet new people. In time, they may become important to our own business visions. In Rome, many industry leaders will gather and with the thrill of someplace new, it makes this a perfect venue to build connections.

• Learn: The Atlas Promotions culture is steeped in knowledge transfer. While there are educational resources available within the community, sometimes we benefit from stepping outside our normal environment to learn something new. Trips like this often include workshops and more informal discussions. What’s more, we’ll gain a better perspective of the customer acquisitions industry and what works on an international basis.

• Have Fun: Of course, we won’t dare miss a chance to explore this ancient city with many modern elements. We’ll engage in sightseeing, shopping, and of course, sampling real Italian cuisine. These moments will allow everyone a chance to refresh their spirits and be inspired, especially by the world-class attractions, history, and of course, art.

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