There are many strategies you can apply to make a good impression on a hiring manager. Before, during, and after an interview, you can boost your chances of being remembered in a positive light. Here are a few tips our Atlas Promotions leaders recommend for impressing hiring managers.


The first thing we suggest doing is confirming your appointment, because it makes you appear more professional. If your interview is scheduled for the morning, confirm it the afternoon prior. For an afternoon meeting, reach out the morning of to make sure nothing has changed and that your appointment still stands.


We at Atlas Promotions also urge you to be punctual. Make sure you give yourself plenty of extra time to account for traffic or other common holdups, but also be careful not to arrive too early. You don’t want to make the hiring manager feel rushed simply by showing up 30 minutes before your appointment time.


Show respect and enthusiasm during the interview itself, and be sure to offer a firm handshake when you enter the room. Share the knowledge you have gathered about the company and the position for which you are applying. Don’t forget to send a thank-you note in the days following the interview, and let the hiring manager know how much you enjoyed the meeting.


Atlas Promotions associates have had good luck using these first impression strategies, and we hope they will be effective for you as well.