The community within Atlas Promotions is filled with people who share a strong desire to become the best. Each is determined to progress his or her own business and realise success. Those who have demonstrated they have the right drive can participate in trips, such as the Rising Star Meeting, which was held the weekend of June 23 in Blackpool, England.

The purpose of this meeting was threefold: Networking, learning, and fun. Entrepreneurs from the Atlas Promotions network had a chance to talk with others from different areas and build connections that prove valuable in the course of growing one’s own venture.

Knowledge transfer was the focus of the work sessions, during which attendees could share their best practises as well as learn from some of the industry’s most brilliant minds. Discussions centred on a variety of topics, such as how to develop a strong on-the-ground presence to attain goals and the elements of an effective outreach campaign. Of course, leadership best practises were highlighted throughout.

Finding balance is vital for entrepreneurs, so we also took time to partake in more relaxing activities at this seaside resort. One such adventure was an excursion to a local theme park, where we unleashed our inner children on the rides, creating some great shared memories.

Trips like this that celebrate success are worth sharing, so check out Atlas Promotions’ Newswire for recaps of upcoming travel events.