Atlas Promotions makes available the resources entrepreneurs need to thrive in the business world. Often, their self-paced learning takes place during meetings in which other independent contractors join in and everyone shares their experiences and gleans knowledge from one another.

The most recent leaders’ meeting was held at the Atlas Promotions office in Edinburgh. Attendees came from all over Scotland. Here are just a few of the lessons we learned during this event:

• Goal Setting: Each goal we set should be specific and measurable so that we can track our progress. Objectives should require effort, but not be unattainable. They should be relevant to our vision and have a finite time frame.

• Networking: Every entrepreneur should learn the basics to connect with others, such as to do research prior to a meeting and how to find common grounds on which to bond. In this meeting, we discussed tips such as which ice-breakers are effective and why we should follow up quickly with new contacts.

• Company Culture: People who are starting their own businesses need to identify the environment and values that are important to succeed in their ventures. A great culture is generally one that empowers others to be innovative and grow, while ensuring goals are met with integrity and professionalism.

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