Atlas Promotions makes training materials and coaching available for this network of business owners. These resources help people become successful as individuals and as independent consultants with executive skills like goal setting.

For example, one of the strategies being used quite effectively by consultants linked with Atlas Promotions is the SMART system. This is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-sensitive. By making sure all five of these elements are present in an objective, campaign leaders can almost guarantee a positive outcome.

The setting of a SMART goal might go something like this: let’s say a contractor decides he or she would like to earn more money in the coming year than they did in the previous one. This is a nice wish, but it lacks the clarity of a well-set objective. To make it SMART, one would ask herself or himself a series of questions.

How much more money exactly? Is this a realistic amount? Why do I want to make this amount? What is my deadline? Once these queries are addressed, a goal begins to take shape. Now, our person wants to increase his or her 2019 earnings by 15 percent over his or her 2018 earnings, comparing numbers each quarter so that he or she can afford a down payment on the new car they’ve always wanted.

By making success strategies like SMART available to consultants, the firm supports and inspires achievement.