Within Atlas Promotions, there’s a buzz as the independent contractors gear up for two very important meetings that will kick off 2019. The Owners Meeting will take place in January in Manchester, while the Assistant Owners Meeting will be held here in Edinburgh the same month. We’re excited to bring all of the talent from within this community together as it’s sure to be a true meeting of the brightest minds in customer acquisitions.

The reason these gatherings are vital to the network of entrepreneurs within Atlas Promotions – they offer a distinct chance for everyone to learn from each other’s experiences as they continue along their professional journeys. During these meetings, those present will work on goal setting for 2019. There will be time for everyone to share what they’ve been working on, as well as innovative ideas they’re employing to progress their own business ventures.

As we’ve discovered, taking time periodically to get together and review our collective and individual successes and challenges has a profound impact on our goals. Especially for business contractors, it’s important to have the support of others who have had similar experiences and with whom we can network and form a lasting camaraderie.

When these meetings are completed, everyone will hopefully leave with a renewed sense of motivation, inspired to put in place some great ideas as they move forward.

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