EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND – Independent contractors from the network within Atlas Promotions will be taking part in a trip to Ibiza, Spain from September 23 to 26. This travel event is a mixture of networking, R&R, and education.

“Anyone who has been to Ibiza knows what a gorgeous setting this island paradise is,” said a representative from Atlas Promotions. “Our team will enjoy a wonderful time basking by the Mediterranean Sea”. This trip will focus on re-energising and team bonding. We can’t wait to see what experiences our team will have.

The trip will offer entrepreneurs a chance to unwind after a hectic summer. There will be some educational sessions featured as well from which they’ll glean some of the latest techniques in customer acquisitions. “There is a strong learning component to these getaways,” stated the representative. “Much of that comes from being exposed to different methods used in other parts of the U.K., as well as globally.”

The networking opportunities from this getaway benefit the community within Atlas Promotions as well. Many of the campaign leaders will have a chance to become better acquainted during the trip, which will allow them to feel more comfortable collaborating with each other and sharing skills when back in Scotland.

Atlas Promotions Management on Why Travel Helps to Build Leaders

As is part of the Atlas Promotions culture, business contractors find resources to develop personally throughout their professional journeys. Travelling to new and exotic locations can fill in some knowledge gaps and experiences that are not otherwise available locally.

“When we travel, we’re in a position in which we can apply skills we might have only learned about in theory, such as how to form connections with others,” the management representative explained. “We might get to try out a new language, or expand our taste buds with different cuisines. Visiting other countries in particular can be most beneficial to our personal growth because it changes our perspective of the world. We all benefit from a broader picture so that we might relate to others better as well.”

Another skill that entrepreneurs need that excursions can bolster is how to think on their feet. Travelling requires flexibility and sometimes creative problem-solving adeptness to address various issues that might arise. “These are some aptitudes that are best honed when put into practise, and trips can provide just the right opportunities to demonstrate our agility.”

This is one of many trips planned in which individuals in the community might take part this year.

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