From cover letters and résumés to interviews and negotiations, landing a new job is no easy endeavour. At Atlas Promotions, we think the best place to start is with a keen focus on your CV. Once you make sure it is accurate and free of spelling and grammatical errors, concisely describe your most valuable skills. The following are especially valued at Atlas Promotions:


  • Familiarity With Excel and Photoshop: Microsoft Excel and Adobe Photoshop are two of the most common tech tools in use today. If creativity is in your future, Photoshop is a must. Likewise, if you plan to pursue finance, you can’t go wrong with knowledge of Excel.


  • Foreign Languages: Business is becoming more globalized by the minute, which makes fluency in one or two (or more!) other languages quite impressive in the eyes of a business leader. Furthermore, knowledge of a foreign language will sharpen your memory.


  • Web Development and WordPress: We at Atlas Promotions think some general insight into web development is helpful in just about any field. Once you hammer down the basics of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, explore how the back-ends of websites work – starting with WordPress.


These are just a few of many skills worth highlighting on your résumé. They’re certain to make you a valuable asset to your new team, so start developing and promoting them right away!